Aug 10 Superintendent Update Graphic

Good Afternoon Warren Students, Families, and Staff,

We have a couple of important announcements for the week of August 10th.
We have completed our first 10 days of the school year, and I am very proud of how our students and staff have jumped right into teaching and learning. I am excited to see what the rest of the school year has in store for us.
I want to take this opportunity each week to bring focus to our two priority goals for this school year. The first being our Strive For Less Than Five, K-12 Attendance.
Our students being in school on a consistent basis provides the best chance for their success! I am excited to share that our attendance data these first 10 days are showing a significant increase from last year. That being said, we have a long way to go in this school year, and we still have room for improvement to reach our goal of 97%.
Our second priority goal is K-3 Literacy. This time period of Kindergarten to 3rd grade is the most critical time for our students to develop their reading and writing skills. Our elementary schools and teachers are using the Brain Based Literacy approach to develop our students into strong readers and to build a solid foundation for their future school and life experiences. I encourage you to look for additional communications and resources from your child’s teacher and school newsletters.
The NWEA testing window for students in grades K-7 opened Monday, August 8th, and will close on Friday, August 26th. NWEA MAP Growth is administered 3 times a year and measures the academic growth for each individual student. Our schools utilize the NWEA results to determine strengths and areas of improvement for student’s academic skill levels in Reading and Math. These results are used by teachers and students to set goals for this school year. Parents and caregivers will receive their child’s score reports upon the completion of the assessment. For more information on the NWEA assessment, a Family Guide to NWEA Map Growth Testing is linked to this email.
This school year, all K-12 Warren students participated in cohort town halls or grade level meetings to review the Student Success Handbook / Student Success Handbook - Spanish. This handbook communicates expectations, supports, and resources to keep our schools safe and productive learning spaces for our students to grow. This handbook is also a valuable resource for families. In it, you can find information on how to access student grades and information on ParentVue, our school calendar, visitor guidance, school safety, and resources on how to support your child's digital literacy. All students were given a hard copy of the Student Success Handbook.
Keep up the great work everyone, and thank you for your investment in our Warren students, schools, and staff!
Together…#WarrenWill grow our students!

Dr. Tim Hanson, Superintendent of Schools for MSD Warren Township