TV Broadcasting and Production Intro

Grades 10-12 (one semester)

Welcome to show business! This class will introduce you to the exciting career of video production through the use of hands-on experiences. Students will receive experience and training in camera operation, editing, script writing and many other aspects of TV production. Students will use the WCTV studios and equipment to develop their technical and teamwork skills. Students must successfully complete this course and have permission from the instructor before taking the advanced class.

TV Broadcasting and Production 1-2

Grades 11-12
Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of both Intro to Radio and Intro to TV Production and/or teacher recommendation required
Acceptance process: Evaluation of behavior and grades. Students enrolled in this course are required to participate in after school events and/or activity coverage
Dual Credit: Ivy Tech (3 hrs) if two semesters are taken
Prerequisite for Dual Credit: ACT R18/W17/M18, PSAT R46/W46, SAT R460/W460, ACCUP R76/W80

Lights...camera...action! Welcome to the fast paced world of media production. This class will expand upon what you've already learned and put you in control of our school's television station, WCTV. You will be responsible for creating content for the morning announcements and many other outlets,including working on cable shows and the senior video. The class also provides video services for other departments around the school and throughout the township. Students will also have the opportunity to work side-by-side with broadcasting professionals through our very own production company, Front Runner Media Productions. This class is conducted within a real-life, professional workplace atmosphere. Get a jump start on a career in TV and media productions. Students should have successfully completed "TV Broadcasting and Production Intro" and have prior approval of the instructor before signing up for this course. Two (2) after school shooting events are required for this course. Students will be given the opportunity to seek an industry-recognized video editing certification (AVID User Certification).

TV Broadcasting and Production 3-4

Grades 11-12

Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation required. Students enrolled in this course are required to participate in after school events and/or activity coverage.