On April 2, 2019, students from Mr. Hanson’s engineering classes attended “S.T.E.A.M. INTO THE FUTURE EXPOSURE CAMP” presented by The Exchange at the Indianapolis Urban League as part of their National Urban League Young Professionals National Day of Service.  This valuable field trip allowed hands-on experiences to students in extracting DNA from a strawberry, programming a computer, building and flying a drone and learning the skills needed to be a DJ.  Each session was facilitated by professionals working in the career cluster associated with the project.  Not only were the students able to learn the academic content being presented, but just as importantly, they were able to hear about the background, journey, interests and skills which lead these professionals to the success they now enjoy.  The goal was to expose students to what their futures could look like and what others have done to get there. 

Walker Career Center appreciates the Indianapolis Urban League’s effort to host such an informative and impactful experience for our students!